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Angry hitman: Last fight in battleground 2018


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Angry Hitman is the best arcade game where your mission is to clean the Miami City which is full of crime. It is missions based game and in each mission your target is to attack Gangsters and mafia, In some missions your target is to do underground battles. you have to follow intelligence reports and US police chief instructions to clean up miami and Vegas cities which are more affected by goons and mafias. There are 2 main warlords you have to fight with Japanese mafia and Mexican mafia. In angry hitman you can use all the weapons and secret information to complete the missions. In each mission your target would be to kill the criminals, robbers and looters.
In this best arcade games where your super agent have a very secret mission to clean the city, where he have to fight against very dangerous and furious mafia’s. Fight against Russian, Japanese and Mexican Mafia . This is modern combat games which have Grand missions to be completed to earn victory. This is pure pubg style game which has all the elements to make it as best action games. Gangsta fight is kind a do or die type fighting game.
Angry hitman top secret silent assassin game. You can use long range snipers or guns and Flying Jets.You can driving tanks OR fire bazooka to kill the enemies on city streets. 
In Angry hitman best action game you have to fight against thousands of gangsters on street no more secret missions all will happen face to face. You can play many death mission in this best arcade games. In this game you have to accept the challenge of killing and assassin mafia and goons. This game make it very real fight when you have to fight against best AI based Gangsta. who are very well equipped with AK 47 and other automatic rifles and choppers. In each mission hundred of gangster come in your way and you have to eliminate them to complete the level.
This is a truly city battleground all set for your hero agent to fight and win the pride of US police back. This is very mission critical game. Top action with top secret agent with world best weapons. Speed and accuracy is the key to success. Make sure your agent always on top of his health.
This is no more secret mission or any spy games or neither any assassination game. This is pure street fight face to face fighting game. Use your weapons timely to complete the missions. In this best arcade game you will be provided world best guns and pistols. You can throw grenades to kill in bunch. Drive tanks and be crazy and crush the enemy cars. In some missions you need to fly jets and Helicopters. In other mission you maybe use heavy artillery to accomplish your missions. Each level have all Armour kit will be provided and during mission you can always upgrade you weapons inventory. 
In each level Kill the enemy to death.
- 50 plus critical missions.
- Best gadgets and top weapon available to fight in this world biggest fight
- Fly jets and helicopters time to time whenever required 
- Health kits are already hidden in goons vehicles. Destroy their cars and get those kits
- Super crazy tanks are also in this game
- FPS and 3rd person control
- High jumps option are available to climb high skylines
- Top stunning graphics
This is the best action game where you have best challenges and time critical missions to complete.
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