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App Store Optimization

Published by: Dina Chaudary

Now a days it is common practice to download and search new application using app store browsing. It is an easiest way for user to locate your application in apple store and google play store. Process to optimization of your mobile application to get high rank in the search result in app store is called ASO (App Store Optimization) as like SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for websites. These are the simple steps that are followed by the developers to improve ranking of their apps or games on specific keywords.

ASO plays a huge difference between success and failure in the digital market and the good thing is that app store optimization never required specific money to fulfil the task. Few simple steps or points that a person kept in mind in order to achieve required position in market.

The goal of ASO is nearly always app downloads, but supplemental goals can include:

  •  Increased brand exposure.
  •  Positive app reviews and ratings.
  •  Audience engagement.
  •  Additional marketing channel diversification.

There are few points that one should keep in mind to deploy for app store gains.

  •  Always try to find out the best keywords as App stores use keywordtriggers in app name, title, description and associated fields. It is necessary to ensure that you spend time researching the best keywords that you are using and also make sure that you are revisit your keyword after regular interval to find the best optimization opportunities. So most important thing in ASO is selection of data you are adding.
  • Second main thing that matter a lot difference is that how you are going to present your app store product page. Product page always have a big impact on the conversion rate value (downloads) as user mostly get first impression of your product from the page. Product page CRO should be an ongoing focus area for generating downloads.
  • Third main thing is selection of Thumbnail images and screenshots. Visual thing always play as important role in the product value. Before going for anything it is the thing that attracts the users directly to promote your app in app stores. This increase the impact of direct click-through rates (CTR) of impressions compared to clicks to extra app pages.
  •  Reviewing and rating is also necessary for the new product. Encourage your friends to give honest reviews and rating your work. After receiving that try to think on those points and if these points are considerable you must go to consider that before going to publishing. It will increase product marketing value.

Once you have done all the steps when you think product is finaly ready to launch, it feels good but the real fact is that at the end you need to analyze performance and test ways to further improve your app store page. As it is a ongoing processes if you want to gain maximum value you need to retest and analyze performance many times. Always try to test different elements. When you are reviewing, testing and analyzing it again you will learn more about app store optimization. After posting you may feel that maybe your screenshot collection that you liked and find the best are not mostly converting into downloads or maybe your collection of key word is not to much refine. Than in this case you need to work on that

At the end the reality is that app store optimization is an on-going process once you Track your performance in the app store.