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Bumble City 2: Mini Car street fight Robo war 2018


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Get ready for the new car action game Bumble city 2. This is the brand new 2nd part of our Demolition derby city game. This is the best Action game where you can drive the car, Drift the car, and fire with car BOOM. This is the most near to realistic 5D drifting but action racing car simulator. Bee Bumble car killer drifting skills amaze you. In this top action game it has all for the people who likes cars, drift, guns, killing monsters, destroy objects like barrels, carts. This is free arcade simulation game. The unique yellow bumble car has all the upgrade options. You can always equip this mini racing car with turbo engine, with nitro, small & big guns, big bullets and big silencers to get top speed on streets and fight against monsters. This CSR car racing game gives you ultimate pleasure of best car racing with best action. The mini car design is inspired by bee transformer. The car looks like mini racing or cute little adventures car but when it comes to action and fight against enemies it’s too furious and sometimes hard to handle its anger.
If you like best car racing, street fights while driving&drifting shoot with powerful guns and other top quality weapons. So get your best bumble car and loaded with guns use turbo engine get on streets find the monsters aim it and fire accurately BOOM like bee sting and destroy the enemies. In this game not only you have to fight against monsters or Zombies. There are some objects are places between the road to achieve the ultimate fun for this best car action game of 2018. The car realistic drifting and firing accuracy make it world best car chasing game. 
Use your guns to kill robots and destroy monster in front of you. Kill and destroy your opponents and earn some points. It will allow you to unlock some extra specialized weapons to kill these dumb zambie let them earn there death and make it death race for them. In city streets it looks like riots happening kill all these mafia goons to save the city from those goons. This is best car battle game in 2018. Mini car have amazing boom sounds when you fire the gun and boom it will destroy the robo, monster, zombies and all object if it hits on right place. All monsters, zombies and robots have their weak points aim it fire it and boom it will destroy. This is the car battle game let help bumble mini car to earn its pride back and let them earn these zombies their dumb ways. Chase the cars and monster kill them before they make it battleground destroy the city.
In this game more destructible vehicles, smash the monsters till death. Hit the car and demolish the city objects make it battleground for cars. All these features make best cars battle games.
Features of demolition city derby 2:
- Easy controls and best game play make it best city demolish game
- Choose your weapons to make your customize muscle car to destroy monsters, zombies, robots
- Drive and drift the cars on hot roads, do crazy stunts, kill enemies and make sure the victory is yours.
- Decide your battle ground combat rivals, to declare the ultimate winner 
- Battle one vs many or one on one 
- Stunning graphics while hit enemies and watch cool animations
- Shoot 2 kill the monster hit the head shot and get more points
- Decide who to fight chase the monster while drifting
- Loot the boxes to win more points and bonus
- More weapons to fight with
- Equip your mini car with armor and win the survival 
- Add missile and bullets to your mini car and make it monster buddy to fight against bad monsters
- Earn gems and achieve level and complete missions
This is true call of war with your mini car win the battle on battleground. Modern combat with stylish bumble mini car. Be a commando with your commando mini car.
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