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CG Artist

Job Description:

We are a team of mobile games and apps development. Looking for mid level to senior game CG artists. You should have good adaptive and learning attitude towards new and unique scenarios.


  • You are able to think in 3D
  • You are able to follow design reference accurately and work in a range of styles
  • You are able to create moderate to complex and organic models
  • You are able to model characters, props and environments, working to a good level of finish, if required
  • You have good drawing skills, including use of light and shadow, along with a good understanding of anatomy
  • You have a strong sense of scale, form, weight and volume
  • You have a good understanding of modelling with either Polygons or NURBS (Non-uniform rational basis spline)
  • be able to do UV mapping
  • You are able to do Rigging
  • You have good problem-solving skills
  • You have good communication skills 
  • You have good team-working skills
  • You are able to take direction and be willing to address constructive feedback

Skills (Having All skill is not mandatory):

  • Image editing software (Adobe Photoshop)
  • Animation software (3D Max, Autodesk Maya)


  • Competitive Salary
  • 4 Weeks Annual paid Holidays
  • 1000/Rs Monthly Learning budget
  • Subsidised Lunch
  • Annually outdoor Activity

Contact: Please Email Your CV at