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Gaming & Social Media

Published by: Dina Chaudary

In past video games was used as the social activity for young people together at one point and spent the time happily. With the passage of time gaming consoles become popular but these are less social as people Play at their place in front of tv alone. But in recent years the complete gaming industry moved towards social media and most of brands start investing their own money and time over there.

Introducing social media into the gaming industry add business opportunities and also the smartphone integration created Smoot transition. In past years gamers play games at their own places alone and there was only one way they can got updates and information through the monthly magazine. That time gaming community was very limited. Those limitations begun from their close friends to the neighbours in own building or the people present in the classroom or the office. Now a days the situation is totally different as the gamers are just likely to be female as to be a male. Number of players are not limited as there are so many different types of people playing game at the same time. There is much more competition between people as from different ages and places accessing at one time. They are not physically present. Infact they can access game at the same time by using smart phones and play online. The compilation and level of game is increased. On the other side people regardless of gender and age spend much of their time on social media platforms where the marketers needs to look for information.

Importance of Games

So the use of social media is much more effective and more important as lots of people share their ideas, scores and achievements, updates and new products. This is the main strategy that every gaming company is implementing as social media is considered the easy but more effort full way to connect the
users and start publishing their own products. While downloading or playing games is always a share button on the top left of right side of console so that users it becomes easy to share their games or scores with their competitors easily on any social media the like. This is the way gaming industry brooms in social networks. It is cheaper and better useful logical way.