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Hashtags Crisma (#)

Published by: Dina Chaudary

Hashtag is the popular way that is nowadays implemented to categorically define new post on any social media. Hashtag is a normal number sign # that is added in the start of the word to make our information or post more categorised according to topic or the theme of our information. It is also used to make our post more discoverable in the searches. Almost all social networks sites allow the use of Hashtag and the purpose of using this is almost same at every network social site. Instagram is one of the most common and popular networking platform now a days. Once you add your video or photos, hastag is the fastest and most powerful way to get your own post more like or even more followers as they can access that by using a search easily. On Instagram once you add hastag sign most popular and frequently used suggestions comes in front of you with the popularity level as people’s uses the same hash tagged word.


So make your general practice to use most appropriate and popular Hashtag in order to increase user interaction. It is also recommended to use hastag in comments if you want to add much more hastags. As it make your post or video clear and focused. And also do not create mess over the post. First add your post and then add all the hash tags in first comment. This practice made your post clean and also people can search you post by using hashtags. Another biggest advantage of this practice is that you can delete your comment with hashtags only not the posts when you think there is no need of followers and comments on the post or your post reaches above the maximum level of your expectation. This is the way your still stay available at the page and if people want to see your work history it will be available and accessible for review easily.
However hashtag world is bit new and different for Facebook. People can’t use that as like Instagram or Twitter. But still they can use this to their post for fun as Facebook has dedicated page for hashtags that you can access by using hashtag/WORD. This WORD is the word whatever you want to write. Keep one thing in mind that only your tag post is available on that page if you set the post privacy publicly.