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Last Zombie Shooter: Mars Zombie Survival


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During a secret experiment on Mars a dangerous vaccine has developed. This virus spreading all over the mars and producing Zombies. Scientist and Astronauts are stuck on the mars and turning into zombies. Let’s hope into best action game to save mars from zombie apocalypse. Stop rising deads and save innocent lives from zombie tsunami. You might have played many other zombie games zombie shooting games or zombie hunter games but in this FPS game you are going to perform as a lone survivor of Mars and going to save mars from becoming zombie land. You are the last survivor of this free fire game let’s take your weapons zombie snipers and American sniper to hunt all undead zombies to save this planet. 

Don’t forget you could be infected by zombies if you do nothing for your protection. Don’t let these evil creatures attack on you. If you really want to survive in this zombie shooter FPS game then turn yourself into zombie shooter gear up your sniper 3d weapons and American snipers and start hunting zombies with one of the best action games and free fire games. Be zombie survival Shooter and clear dead space from zombie waves and zombie tsunami.

You can feel real battle in Last Zombie Shooter: Mars Zombie Survival Game between humans and zombies. Gear up your weapons and make your way through realistic levels in this best zombie shooting game. You are the only hope of the world and lone survivor of mars and the war has been break out between survivors and zombies. You are a train gun shooter and skilled as a survivor in front line fighting of FPS zombie survival game. You have to fight like an elite sniper hunter for survival in zombie apocalypse games with top zombie first person shooter experience. So, get ready for the assault it’s time for your survival and to fight against rising deads in this first person shooter adventure.