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Real zombie hunter 2: FPS Shooting in Halloween


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Be careful when you go on Halloween parties sometimes it could be real monsters in monster costumes. As Halloween party happen in old night club built in 1896. Some evil Doctors made a virus and diluted the party drinks with their zombie making virus. Dr. Veno and his assistant Dr. Panda has invented a virus called Virus Evaluation. This is a deadliest virus not only affects one human if that human bite another then he will also turns into even bigger monster or in other words zombies. Now this virus is spreading all over the world. You could be infected by zombies easily if you do nothing for you and your human’s protection. A zombie slayer is required in this zombie hunter game to eliminate the living dead city creatures infected by zombie virus. Shoot and kill the undead invasion to save humanity in the king of zombie survival games. 

Want to survive? Turn yourself into a zombie shooter and start shooting undead souls in this popular zombie shooting game you are the only hope try your best to shoot as much zombies with your pro zombie shooting skills. Being a zombie killer you have to face zombie attack and zombie defense you are require to use your sniper shooter skills and don’t let this land turn into zombie town or zombie village because in this zombie city normal humans are afraid of zombie city assault and want to save their lives. Now it depends on you how you will save this city.

In this Zombie game 3D, Zombie comes from everywhere, they are all mad and want to kill something alive. However tough to be a first-class terminator, it calls for the fantastic capturing talents, abilities and reasonable strategies. whole the duty, get bonus and equip right guns to kill all mad zombie, protection your frontier and win in this shooter game. You want to play Zombie games, don’t make any mistake in capturing and searching, to be brief on the trigger, you could die just by using a chew of zombies.

Another story on these zombies in 2040, international war of weapons started, and the United States’ frontiers modified. Modern-day conflict advanced to a new generation after the Minister of defense signed a settlement with CS business enterprise to perform mission dead target. Inject prisoners with the virus and remodel them into top notch evil combat killers. But, CS threatened to cause a zombie outbreak if the president did now not follow their orders. The zombie apocalypse started out. No matter how they created your mission is to eliminate them and save the world. 
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