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Zombie Hunter Car: Road kill in Dead City


Hop in the car and drive in zombie apocalypse city. Crush the zombies with armour vehicles! In the beginning of new year, we have bring one of the most exciting and fun zombies games 2019. If you are tired of traditional FPS shooting or 3rd person shooting games then why not try something different. Equip yourself with best armour vehicle hop in and drive in the dead city. Drive faster and kill zombies on the road. This zombie game have all the feature of car racing with nitro to race faster and crush these death machines in seconds. These dead monsters are walking on roads kill them using your fast cars or monster trucks. Zombie car Roadkill in Dead City is one of the best zombies games where drive in zombie apocalypse city and do a simple roadkill. Zombie Car is #1 zombie games in 2019 where race and kill is in one game.
Drift your car and run over apocalyptic city roads and harvest the zombies and enjoy the best driving game together with thrill of zombie hunting on roads. This zombie game have cars, zombies, drift  and electric shocks. what else someone can dream of in one game. Normally zombies attack the human cities and threaten the living objects on earth. What if someone attack on zombies towns and destroy zombies before they attack on cities. Smash zombies make a roadkill reach the end points before the fuel end or these dead machines eaten up your car. You always hear about highway games but it’s totally madness to have a zombie highway where zombies are moving around and you just run over your car and crush them precisely. 
- 10 complex but exciting roadkill missions
- 3 extreme fast cars and 3 monster truck
- Electric Shocks are placed on Zombies dead city highway
- Monsters Derby city to race and crush zombies
- Best car racing game Play
- Top zombie apocalypse city environment
- Best scary road race
- Top zombie hunting games
- Extreme racing and drifting while killing monsters
- Nitro Booster to drive faster and  trigger death to walking monsters
- Halloween style environment where do real hunting
- Zombie hunter car and Halloween zombie 

We had bring top zombie killer game to play with cars and kill dumb zombies on road. Play zombie wali game in offline mode and as well as in online mode. This best zombie games gives you multiple objects to destroy monsters and complete you missions.Dumb ZOMBIES hunter is an OFFLINE ZOMBIE HUNTER GAMES continues the journey of zombie killer.